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At the moment we do not have free vacancies but if you think you are highly qualified and you own the characteristics we are looking for with our employees – assiduity, responsibility and ability to work in a team contact us. Please send your CV and photo at: info@vilidan.com at interest from our side we will contact you. Be our valuable person!
Vili Vutkov, Manager Work for us OUR ACTIVITIES
Renovation of industrial facilities Construction of halls Drywall Heat insulation Cutting of reinforced concrete constructions Concrete Structures Concrete Hydro blasting Rehabilitation of road viaducts Renovation of residential buildings Sandblaster Road work Plaster Hydro sandblaster Construction of residential buildings Ground work Swimming pool linings Masonry Chimney Cleaning Prevention of silos deposits Development of visions and facades Volume industrial painting Construction of metal constructions Preparation and painting at height Production of visions Outdoor advertising
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