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The double floor is an extremely suitable solution for fast and quality installation of floors in industrial zones, business buildings, administrative buildings, hotels, computer halls, etc. A good reason to choose the double floor is the quick installation and the convenient access to the installations:
Double-floor sites for interior and exterior:
Advantages of double floor systems:
•	Fast and easy installation and service. The double floor is a modular construction, and owing to that it is extremely fast mounted and dismantled. •	Practicality. Free access to the communications systems in the building is provided. By installing the double floor, it is easy to install, repair, inspect and service the cable and pipe systems. Due to the ease of processes such as cabling and laying of air ducts, the double floor can reduce the total construction costs by over 10%! •	Flexibility. Ensures opportunity to quickly rearrange and reorganize the interior of the room, related to changing its functions, modernizing or reconstructing. •	Time saving when servicing the technological equipment and systems located inside the double floor and also when replacing the cover. Reduces the installation time by more than 15% compared to the conventional floor coverings. Eliminates the need to correct the unevenness of reinforced concrete floor slabs. The double floor allows for much more efficient installation connections, easy access, reconfiguration and insulation of air ducts, pipelines and cables without any problems, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower construction, assembling and repair costs. •	Aesthetic properties. A wide variety of materials for covering slabs - practically all types of floor coverings. •	The height of the double floor that can be reached is from 5cm to 1.60m. Quality and Professionalism  with more than 10 years of experience in the construction business V  I  INVEST STROY Ltd. VILIDAN -13 Ltd. CONTACT US +359 898 642200 SOFIA Vitosha Mogilata str. 15,  ent. A Address:    Mobile: Vili Vutkov, Manager Email: vi.investstroi_ya@abv.bg info@vilidan.com